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We are nationally licensed to clear freight at all airports and ocean ports within the United States.  Our developed technology with Customs allows us to clear your cargo anywhere in the United States with ease. We have dedicated licensed customs brokers with many years of experience to focus on compliance with customs regulations and reduce cargo delays and costs associated those delays. Unlike many "cooky-cutter" providers, we were founded as a Customs Brokerage house and offer tailored programs according to the needs of our clients.  You should put your trust in a company with over a decade of experience at solving customs problems and helping you meet your deadlines.

"Wheels Up" Program - U.S. Customs allows Customs clearance while the freight is in the air destined for a port in the United States. "Wheels Up" Customs clearance saves our customers up to 24 hours per shipment. It eliminates transfers of freight and documents. With a "Wheels Up" clearance program the freight is cleared prior to landing on U.S. soil.

We specialize in the following Customs Entries. Please contact us for more information:

  •  ABI Consumption Entry
  • Bonded Warehouse Entry
  •  Nationwide RLF Remote Filing
  •  Certificate of Registration
  •  T&E (Transportation and Export)
  • Temporary Import Bond
  •  I.T. (Immediate Transit) Entries
  •  Duty Drawbacks
  • Personal Effects Entries
  •  American Goods Return AGR

We are C-TPAT certified and committed to a safe global trade environment.



All commercial shipments require a customs bond.  We offer this service at rates 25% less than most companies. There are two types of these bonds, continuous and single entry. If you are a frequent importer it is cost effective to purchase a continuous bond, which can be used anywhere in the United States for all your shipments. If you are a one-time or infrequent importer a single transaction bond is recommended.

Because we handle a volume of these continuous bonds we are able to provide special discounted rates on bonds purchased through us. We would be happy to speak with you on whether or not a continuous bond is right for you.  Contact us now!



Our staff understands the need to have your shipments cleared and delivered in the right place at the right time. We offer  full range of air and ocean transportation services to accomplish your business goals.
  • Air Freight - Working through our international affiliate offices we are able to offer inbound door-to-door, airport-to-airport services for hazardous and non-hazardous airfreight shipments. Since airfreight is urgent by nature, we make it simple by handling it with the proper attention. Every shipment is handled with the care, attention and focus it deserves.

  • Ocean Freight - Our ocean transport services for  LCL and FCL products provide clients the flexibility of balancing cost and transit to better control transportation costs. We handle shipments based on client requirements and the various terms of sale, as early as "issuance of purchase order" through to delivery, or as required by your business processes.

There is risk associated in all forms of international carriage. With the value of consignments increasing dramatically over the last few decades the need to insure shipments is vital. We are able to insure shipments on an individual level or structure an individual insurance program for your company that would encompass all your shipments. Losses in this industry can be devastating and although you can’t always foresee or prevent them you can always be prepared.

We can arrange for all your air and ocean inland trucking needs. Whether your goods need to be delivered locally or across the country our reliable trucking agents we are able to provide you cost effective trucking solutions. Their dependability and efficiency help your company maintain costs and distribute your goods effectively. This is especially essential when you have complicated delivery needs or your goods require special consideration i.e. food, textiles or even valuable commodities.

 Warehousing Facilities
 Delivery Services
  •  Bonded Warehousing
  •  Local Delivery
  •  Container Freight Station
  •  FCL/LCL Loads
  •  Palletizing / Crating
  •  Bonded Freight



In the event that urgency is top priority, a professional courier will hand deliver important documentation to ensure additional safety. We implement extra measures for extremely time-sensitive or delicate shipments thus ensuring smooth customs clearances anywhere.

Certain commodities require clearance by other government agencies in addition to U.S. Customs clearance. These commodities include food, cosmetics and some apparel (if made with animal products). These are very involved entries and penalties for non-compliance are serious. They require clearance from Food and Drug, USDA and possibly Fish and Wildlife. We clear these items on a daily basis and have a lot of experience with these agencies. Because we have experience in this industry you do not need to concentrate and focus so much of your attention on getting shipments cleared from these agencies or even instructing your broker on what these commodities are. This saves you valuable time and most importantly keeps you compliant with FDA and other government agencies.

The origins of this program stem from an understanding that you want to spend your time focusing on your core business not worrying about changing import regulations or price irregularities. Tariff, Freight and Compliance consulting are all part of an integrated logistics program. Companies are increasingly competing in a smaller world. More so than ever before and with increased communication you can organize and streamline your import and export programs. This will save you time and money and help your business obtain a competitive edge. We would be happy to take the time to design an integrated logistics program for your company.
  •   HTS Classification of Components & Assembly

  • Payment Setup ACH
  •   Duty Free Entry for U.S. Goods Returned

  • Preparation of Drawback Compliance Program Applications

  • Reduced Duty on U.S. Articles Assembled Abroad

  • Preparation of North American Free Trade Agreement Certificates of Origin
  •   Examination of Export Control Effectiveness
  •   Compliance Assessment Team Audit Preparation

Services and Pricing Information:

Please feel free to contact us with any questions on servicing your import needs.  We work with all importers to set up a fair and cost effective price plans. We also have  volume price discount for the larger importer
. Please contact us now!